Our Story

Panta Rhei Real Estate develops superior quality, sustainable real estate in the field of care residences. We have the necessary in-house expertise, resources and knowhow  to successfully, diligently and dynamically develop new residential care locations. Care providers can trust us with their real estate issues and thus concentrate fully on their core business as we develop their next turnkey care location. Within our developments we aim to:

  • Increase the quality of life of users/dependants;
  • Present a complete design that combines comfortable, user-friendly living spaces with attractive architecture;
  • Create energy-controlled and sustainable living accommodations that are easy to maintain;
  • Produce flexible-use real estate that lasts a lifetime.

“We break with convention by doing things differently. We focus firstly on human well-being and from this basis implement as discreetly as possible the technical care and end product as required. The user is our sole concern and not a means to an end. In every aspect of our work, we believe in avoiding the classic, heavily institutionalised, one-size-fits-all way of thinking in real estate.

Our vision is based on the three Ps: People, Planet and Profit. We strive to engage in sustainable and socially responsible entrepreneurship.”

``Social leverage and innovative leverage are underestimated, financial leverage is overused``

Our background

Panta Rhei Real Estate was set up in 2016 by Hans Bos and Idsard van den Berg and is fully specialised in realising sustainable real estate in the residential care sector. In 2008 Hans Bos established the private care company DS Verzorgd Wonen (DS Care Living). Between 2008 and 2016, this successful private-care provider organisation quickly grew from one to six residences. DS Group was responsible for the success of all of these locations. In 2015 Domus Magnus, which is in the same line of business (with Navitas Capital as its major shareholder), proposed taking over all existing and potential care residences from DS Verzorgd Wonen. This resulted in a successful merger of both care organisations into one larger private residential-care enterprise, which since 2016 has continued under the flag of Domus Magnus. From 2004 to 2016, many monumental, sustainable projects were successfully completed in cooperation with, amongst others, Triodos Bank and Rabobank. In 2011 the residential care project “Zorgresidentie Koetshuys Erica” was nominated for an honourable mention for the annual Hilversum architecture prize. All projects to date are now in the hands of larger investment funds such as Annexum, Bouwinvest and publicly traded Aedifica.



Residential Care Home Molenenk is situated at Laan van Borgele 7 in Deventer. Villa Molenenk was built in 1912 by the owner of the D. Muller cigar factory, but owes its present form to the rebuilding in the year 1932 by M. Van Harte following the wishes of the widow Ankersmit-Bessen. The existing building is centrally located on the property.


It is surrounded by many large trees, which enhance the atmosphere of relaxation and safety. The property lies on the edge of the town and borders the beautiful park Het Nieuwe Plantsoen, with all facilities available within the immediate area.

The new villa will be built in the traditional style, without affecting the surrounding trees, and will have a direct link to the existing villa. Extra attention will be given to exterior and interior details, so it appears that the building always stood there.

The residential care is handled by Domus Magnus and in 2016 Aedifica acquired the property as an end investment.

Private Care Home
Domus Magnus
Aedifica Nederland

Slingerbosch 2

To meet the growing demand for  high-quality residential care accommodation, the existing building of the Residential Care Home Slingerbosch is being expanded. There is enough space to expand without affecting the surrounding woodland. The new building has been designed according to the old style and have the same purpose as the existing building.


In the planning stages the focus has been on the sustainability of building materials and the underlying processes.

Private Care Home
Domus Magnus
Zorgveste Slingerbosch (Annexum)


Residential Care Home Walgaerde is a free-standing country house and is a local council monument situated in the upmarket district of Trompenberg in Hilversum. The existing villa will be completely rebuilt in 2016 and adapted to the needs of 15 residents who wish to spend their later years in comfortable surroundings. Walgaerde was designed by J.W. Hanrath and built in 1909.


From 1900 to 1920, Hanrath designed many country houses in the traditional style, following the example of English country houses of the time. Hanrath was very important in the field of building villas in Hilversum (and also in the rest of the country). He was also one of the major influences in building styles during the 1920s and 1930s.

In 2009, due to its particular historical and cultural value, Walgaerde was awarded local government monument status.

The residential care is handled by Domus Magnus and in 2016 Aedificia acquired the property as an end investment.

Private Care Home
Domus Magnus
Aedifica Nederland


Residential Care Home Holland is situated on Javalaan, in the heart of Baarn, on the edge of the Peking Garden. Baarn lies in a beautiful, wooded area with a royal touch. Paleis Soestdijk was the residence of Queen Juliana from 1948 till 1980 and close by is Castle Drakestein where Queen Beatrix lived for a time. The train station at Baarn still has a royal waiting room.


Residential Care Home Holland was the country house once frequently visited by the royal family and later on by members of the House of Orange. Since 1948 the building has been used as office premises. Re-development has returned the property to its former glory as a residence.

Furthermore, the building has preserved more details related to the old house Peking than originally thought. A new era has begun for this special historical building in Baarn.

The residential care is handled by Domus Magnus and in 2016 Aedifica acquired the property as an end investment.

Private Care Home
DS Verzorgd Wonen, nu Domus Magnus
Aedifica Nederland


Residential Care Home Hildebrand is situated at the end of the well-known Haarlemse Dreef, close to the equally well-known recreation park Dreefzicht and the provincial county hall. The substantial villa stands in the middle of Haarlemmerhout park and is centrally located in Haarlem.


The district contains many large, characteristic buildings and green areas which provide a spacious, upmarket atmosphere.

The corner building, Fonteinlaan number 9, is a local council monument. The property has the allure of an Amsterdam canal house and is noted for its very high ceilings, marble hallways, and grand stairways.

For years, both buildings were used as offices. Re-development and restoration revealed original details. For example, the window frames of the huge facade were completely restored using high-quality double-glazing.

The residential care is handled by Domus Magnus and in 2015 Bouwinvest acquired the property as an end investment.

Private Care Home
DS Verzorgd Wonen, nu Domus Magnus

Koetshuys Erica

Residential Care Home Koetshuys Erica (“Erica”) is a magnificent free-standing villa situated at Albertus Perkstraat 14-16 in Hilversum. The shopping area of Hilversum is only 250 metres away. The complex was completely re-developed in 2009 to meet the needs of 19 residents.


The building was originally a carriage house. In the 20th century it was re-modelled several times for various purposes but mainly it was used as offices. The lovely and characteristic facade has been maintained, which ensures that the house Erica retains its original splendour for people who wished to spend their old age in comfortable surroundings..

In the re-development, attention was paid to the historical value of the property and the addition of new technology. The new villa and the restored carriage house retain many characteristics of the original building but are equipped with the most modern features (WKO, Domotica etc).

The residential care is handled by Domus Magnus. In 2012 Annexum acquired the property as an end investment and now operates it under the name of Zorgveste Koetshuys Erica BV.

Private Care Home
DS Verzorgd Wonen, nu Domus Magnus
Zorgveste Koetshuys Erica (Annexum)


Built at the end of the 1900s, Slingerbosch is an English-style country house that is full of character. Slingerbosch houses 16 elderly people who, despite their increasing need for care, wish to live out their days in a comfortable home-style environment. The house’s garden covers more than one hectare.


The interior offers extremely spacious central living areas. The lounge, the gentlemen’s room, the light and airy living-room and the friendly living/dining areas all offer a warm and unique atmosphere.

Great attention was paid to sustainability and energy usage within the original building. The roof is completely insulated and the steel window frames have been re-used with special insulation glass made to the highest specifications.

Residential care is handled by Domus Magnus. In 2011 Annexum acquired the property as an end investment and operates it under the name of Zorgveste Slingerbosch BV.

Private Care Home
DS Verzorgd Wonen, nu Domus Magnus
Zorgveste Slingerbosch (Annexum)


Residential Care Home Benvenuta is located in a National Heritage building in the upmarket district of Trompenberg in Hilversum. The villa was completely rebuilt and renovated in 2009 for the use of 10 residents who wished to spend the last phase of their lives in comfort and style.


In the design, respect for the residents’ privacy was a major consideration.

The free-standing country house ‘Benvenuta’ was designed by architect Jan Dullaart and built in 1928. The building and garden were awarded National Heritage status in 2001. The parquet floors, wooden panelling, authentic tiled flooring on the ground floor, stairs and original building style in and outside the house were placed under the protection of the National Heritage.

The architects, local council and fire brigade worked together closely to preserve the original historical value as much as possible and to enhance the building as necessary.

Operation of residential care is in the hands of Domus Magnus. In 2016 Aedifica acquired the property for end investment.

Private Care Home
Beweging 3.0, nu Domus Magnus
Aedifica Nederland

``Implement business economics in your real estate evaluation program to create a more sustainable future``


Idsard van den Berg

Managing Director

Learn from the past, live for today, develop for tomorrow

+31(0) 6 411 83 350 |

Idsard began his career as an entrepreneur at an early age. During his studies, he began several start-ups and was always busy executing new business ideas. Idsard became interested in financial business models and how KPI dashboards can turn data into usable information. After briefly working in the financial sector, he got the opportunity to work for a real estate development company. His passion for architecture made this an easy decision.

To learn more about real estate development and investment, he began working towards a two-year master’s degree in real estate development. He created a renewing business economic approach to real estate and its evaluation. In 2007, just before the financial crisis, the real estate market started to shift. Realizing that the old way of thinking (just look at the yields) no longer applied, Idsard acknowledged that the business operation would become more important. During this period his former employer had started to develop private healthcare homes. This was inline with his vision and soon they found that the value of the real estate was extremely dependent on the business operation of the healthcare company.

After developing several private healthcare homes and becoming the head of finance of the private healthcare company, Idsard decided to start his own business again.

He established Bayon Invest Holding and participated in Supella Property DPS. Over the following four years, he developed several private healthcare homes, a first-line care home and started a new concept for multi-tenant office spaces (Synderella Real Estate Facilities).

All the concepts combined business exploitation and real estate evaluation and all were successful. We did successful transactions Bouwinvest, Annexum, Aedifica and Syntrus Achmea. Synderella Real Estate Facilities, with three locations in Utrecht and more than 20,000 square feet of office space, was successfully sold to a new owner and has already expanded to its fifth location.

Idsard has more than 10 years’ experience in private healthcare real estate. He builds strong business cases and supports them with a closely monitored and executed risk-reward analysis. He is also familiar with various types of financing, tax and legal structures and valuations. His fresh perspective has led to a renewed approach to various types of contracts.

Idsard is one of the founders of Panta Rhei Healthcare Real Estate. As Managing Director he connects people within different business fields (Real Estate, Healthcare and Finance) and thereby creates shared value.

2009–2011NovamReal Estate Development (HBO+)
2008NovamMaster class Real Estate Finance                    
2008NovamReal estate investment calculations
2008NovamReal estate calculations with spreadsheets
2005–2006University In-HollandSmall Business & Retail Management
2004–2005University of AmsterdamBusiness Economics
2000–2004University of AmsterdamFinancial Administrator
2016– presentPanta Rhei HealthCare Real EstateHealthcare real estate developerManaging Director
2012–2016Supella Property DPSReal estate developer and consultantCEO
2013–2015Synderella Real Estate FacilitiesSupplier of flexible office concepts for multi-tenant office buildingsCEO
2011–2012Bayon Invest HoldingConsultancy for real estate and financeCEO
2005–2012DS Real Estate / DS Verzorgd WonenReal estate developer public real estate and private healthcare companyCCO

Hans Bos


Developing “shared value” is the challenge of our times

+31(0) 6 532 78 398 |

After studying sociology for several years and studying at a conservatorium, Hans set up his own company in 1989 and had a successful career working as an audio producer for clients like Microsoft, the Deutsche Bank and Nike. He won various gold and silver awards in the Netherlands and abroad. The company quickly grew to over 70 employees working all over the world. This audio company was sold successfully in 2004.

Hans then decided to focus on his other passions: architecture and real estate development. An important aspect of development and renovation is restoring the original authentic atmosphere of the building. This involves not only aesthetic considerations, but also creating the right living experience and atmosphere within the building. Therefore Hans Bos considers architecture, landscaping and interior decorating to be the interrelated parts of a complete package. In this he goes further than others do.

From 2004 to 2016, many monumental, sustainable projects were realised in cooperation with Triodos Bank, among others. All of these successful projects are now in the hands of large investment funds like Annexum, Bouwinvest and publicly traded Aedifica.

Around 2007 Hans began to focus on real estate and architecture in the field of private elderly care. After briefly working with an external health care company, he decided to collaborate with various specialists to set up a new health care enterprise. In 2008 they established the private care company DS Verzorgd Wonen (DS Care Living). Between 2008 and 2016, the organisation quickly grew from one to six residences.

In 2015, Domus Magnus, a company that works in the same field, unexpectedly offered to take over all existing and potential locations of DS Verzorgd Wonen. This resulted in a successful merger of the two organisations into one larger organization, which now operates under the Domus Magnus flag.

Since the merger, Hans has focused solely on developing new residential health care locations. Due to his unique background as both an architect and a health care residence director, Hans has been able to develop clear and dedicated ideas concerning the best possible care and living conditions for those in the last phase of their life, which has now become just one of his specialties.

His passion for improving quality of life fuels his career.

2016Harvard Business SchoolValue Measurement for Health Care
2016Said Business School – University of OxfordFinance case studies on investment strategies and successful companies that have succeeded through intelligent risk taking and innovation
2016MIT Business School, BostonStrategic cost analyses for managers – Cost behavior, system design, etc.
2013London Business SchoolExecuting Strategy for Result – Developing practical frameworks for successfully managing strategy execution across multiple organizational levels
2013ICMLeadership by coaching
2011-2012Nyenrode Business UniversityOrganizational Leadership – This Leadership Program distinguishes itself from ‘normal’ leadership programs by taking the participants out of their comfort zone and making them a partner in a process of learning by new and realistic experiences.
2006–2007IEP NijmegenNLP Practitioner – Method for training, coaching and communication improvement
1999The Chopra CenterThe Quantum Alternative to Growing Old – Holistic approach to health and life in general
1983–1989Conservatorium van AmsterdamPiano, composition and music theory
1982–1984Vrije Universiteit AmsterdamPropaedeutic, Sociology
2016–presentPanta Rhei HealthCare Real EstateDevelopment HealthCare Real EstateCEO
2004–recentDS Real Estate / DS GroupArchitect and development of health care real estateCEO & CCO
2007–2016DS Verzorgd WonenPrivate health care organizationCEO & CCO
1989–2008S&M ProductionAudio producer for Microsoft, the Deutsche Bank and Nike.CEO & CCO

Marta Le Rütte

Asset Manager Acquisition and Development

Without users real estate is useless

+31(0) 6 134 37 133 |

While studying, Marta discovered that real estate is about more than just bricks and value: because without users, real estate is useless. Therefore, she was not only interested in facts and figures but also in the ideas behind real estate and its purpose. She followed several studies to better understand these ideas and to stimulate and develop her creativity further.

Having completed her studies, she worked at a residential real estate office in Amsterdam. For her clients Marta sold and purchased real estate ranging in price from EUR 100,000 to EUR 3,600,000. She advised clients in real estate development and participated in construction management. She learned to listen and to think from the clients’ point of view in order to give the best possible advice. Marta also worked on (complex) residential valuations as well as combinations of residential/commercial property valuations and hotel valuations.

After working at a commercial office, Marta switched to a large non-profit housing corporation (36,000 assets). She worked closely with contractors to list the properties under the best terms and conditions within the market. Within the corporation it’s always important to keep in mind who your user/buyer is and to adapt the property to this end-user. Marta also had an advisory role within the organisation concerning prices and markets and was responsible for some public sales (to an investor) which included compiling the data room.

At Panta Rhei HealthCare Marta is responsible for acquisition and development.

2014Amsterdam School of Real EstateIntroduction to Real Estate Science (pre-master)
2011–presentSVM/NIVORegistered as Candidate Real Estate Agent and Valuator
2010–2011Fontys University of Arts (Tilburg)Minor in Art, Culture and Research
Modules: Contemporary Art, Creative concept development, Creative writing and Research
2007–2011Fontys (Eindhoven)Bachelor of Business Administration

Degree Program: Real Estate Studies

Electives: Vision & Concept Development, Property Management

2008University of GentInternational exchange-project, Redevelopment of Gent Voorhaven in Belgium
2008–2009Fontys (Eindhoven)Minor in Perfect Location (concept development)
2008Fontys (Eindhoven)Propaedeutic Property and Real Estate                        
2004–2007University in AmsterdamLaw
2016–presentPanta Rhei HealthCare Real EstateDevelopment of health care real estateAsset Manager Acquisition and Development
2014–2016StadgenootListing property, development, purchasing and selling, public salesRealtor
2011–2014JA! Real estate agencyPurchasing and selling, real estate development, valuationsRealtor
2010–2011YmereDepartment for concepts and developmentsInternship with thesis research
2009Principaal – De KeySelling departmentInternship

Zarak Khilji


Zarak is an ambitious and determined person with over 6 years of financial acumen. He spend a decade studying and working in the US. He acquired his Bachelor’s degree in finance from Monmouth College and his MBA degree in finance from the University of Illinois, during which time he also managed to attain internships at banks, asset management firms and investment funds.

After working and completing his education in Illinois, he moved to New York to work for an Investment and Proxy advisory firm on Wall Street. Afterwards, he was offered a job in New York where he had the chance to move to the Netherlands for a period of time. He worked as the Finance Manager under the Group Finance umbrella for a Telecom Firm for three years where he worked on the daily financial management and various entity implementation projects.  Later he moved to an IT firm where worked as the Senior Analyst for the EMEA group controlling team.”

20??-2011University of Illinois

Illinois, USA

MBA Master of Business Administration
20??–2008Monmouth College

Illinois, USA

Bachelor of Arts, Business Finance and Political science
2016-PresentPanta Rhei HealthcareController
2015 – 2016Equinix EMEASenior Revenue Analyst


2014 – 2015GSM SystemsEU Finance & Operations manager
2013-2014GSM SystemsEU Sr. Group Financial Analyst
2012 – 2012Glass Lewis & Co New York, USAFinancial Operations Analyst
2010 – 2011BNZ Trading Springfield, USAFinancial Analyst
2010 -2010OPPT Pension Fund Islamabad, PakistanInvestment Analyst
2008 – 2008HSBC Karachi, PakistanCredit Risk Intern
2008 – 2008AMZ Asset Management Karachi, PakistanCorporate Finance Intern

Victor Boskamp

Asset Manager Acquisition and Development

After his study economics & informatics Victor worked as a consultant for 5 years. He gained a lot of experience at different clients, in various roles and environments. The roles he performed range from analyst type of work to projectmanagement. He has worked on defining, organizing and presenting management information (KPIs), improving business processes and managing information flows.

From a young age Victor has been interested in finance and investment management. During his studies he worked at a private-equity firm. There he gained experience with financial management and evaluating investment opportunities. Later he started to focus more and more on his passion: real estate investments. After following an Executive Master in Finance he decided to live his passion and continue his career in real estate.

At Panta Rhei Victor is responsible for acquisition and development of residential real estate.

2015-2017TIAS Business SchoolExecutive Master in Finance
2009–2011Erasmus University RotterdamMSc Computational Economics (cum laude)
2006–2009Erasmus University RotterdamBSc Economics & Informatics
2016-PresentPanta Rhei HealthcareAsset Manager Acquisition & Development
2014-2016Large Dutch Manufacturing companyDeployment Manager
2013–2014Commodity Trading HouseLead Business Analyst
2011–2013Large Dutch BankLead Business Consultant
2008–2011Private-equity firmAnalyst

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