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Koetshuys Erica

Residential Care Home Koetshuys Erica (“Erica”) is a magnificent free-standing villa situated at Albertus Perkstraat 14-16 in Hilversum. The shopping area of Hilversum is only 250 metres away. The complex was completely re-developed in 2009 to meet the needs of 19 residents.

The building was originally a carriage house. In the 20th century it was re-modelled several times for various purposes but mainly it was used as offices. The lovely and characteristic facade has been maintained, which ensures that the house Erica retains its original splendour for people who wished to spend their old age in comfortable surroundings..

In the re-development, attention was paid to the historical value of the property and the addition of new technology. The new villa and the restored carriage house retain many characteristics of the original building but are equipped with the most modern features (WKO, Domotica etc).

The residential care is handled by Domus Magnus. In 2012 Annexum acquired the property as an end investment and now operates it under the name of Zorgveste Koetshuys Erica BV.

Private Care Home
DS Verzorgd Wonen, nu Domus Magnus
Zorgveste Koetshuys Erica (Annexum)
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